Thursday, 10 January 2013

Interesting Facebook Statistics (Infographics)

Facebook's latest Privacy revamps have garnered a lot of media attention, much of it negative. A new infographic from Mashable helps provide some context with a broad range of facts about Facebook.
For instance, did you know that Australia serves legally binding court notices via Facebook? Or that Michael Jackson has the #1 most popular page on Facebook (followed by Homer Simpson at #2 and Facebook itself at #3)? Would you have guessed that women over 55 make up the site's fastest growing American demographic?
The graphic also provides some background on the Site. In 2006, the infographic shows, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg turned down a bid from Yahoo for $1 billion. Today, the social networking giant could be worth between $4 billion and $11 billion. It is estimated that Facebook currently makes about $1 billion per year selling virtual products and ads; by contrast, in 2007, estimates for the site's revenue were pegged at approximately $150 million.
The site's soaring popularity is due in part to its 400,000 active users, who log on to their personal pages at least once a month. Half of those users log on every day. And it's no longer a United States phenomenon: 70% of users come from outside the US.
Check out the infographic (below) for more facts about Facebook:
Facebook: What You Probably Didn't Know

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