Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Unusual and Strange USB Drives


Are you a little bored of your regular old, dime a dozen, USB drive? In our latest edition of our Cool and Unusual series we take a look at some USB drives that are not so regular at all.
Mix it up with one of these USB drives. Check out our collection of cool and unusual USB drives below.
You are looking at the 4GB USB stick that hides your data inside a fully functional flip-top lighter.

The Accordian Like FLX USB Drive
The FLX USB drive has an “accordion-like sheath covering it that pushes back to reveal the plug when you shove it into the USB port, and snaps back when you pull it out.”
These cassette Mixtapes actually have a USB drive in them. Don’t act like you don’t remember the cassette.
The USB drive steampunk style. The pictures say it all. [ Source ]
Each dot on these domino USB drives indicates 1GB of memory used.
These USB drives by Brando are available in your choice of strawberry, pizza, burger, biscuits, chicken wing, chicken drum stick and more.
This drive automatically encrypts the data stored on it. The IronKey USB drive has a “self-destruct sequence that securely and permanently erases your encryption keys and data.”
This custom USB drive was made to protect from accidentally putting it in the washing machine. This one definitely goes under unusual.
This USB drive in a card is small enough to fit in your wallet can hold up to 4GB of data.
This analog watch has a USB drive in the wristband. That means more free space in your pocket.
This USB drive makes it look like a USB cable got ripped short while it was still plugged into your computer.
These cork style USB drives are hand made so that each one is unique. They have life in luxury inscribed on them.
These scented Fruit-A-Roma USB drives come in 4 different scents: grape, green apple, orange and strawberry.
This USB drive has a female connector on one end and a male connector on the other allowing you to infinitely stack them together.
These nature themed USB sticks are made from real branches that are hand picked and made into unique USB drives.
This USB drive will blend in with a pile of Legos. Plus their is the nostalgic feeling some people have when they get to play with Legos again.
This SanDisk Ducati USB drive looks fast standing still. It also features a 20MB/sec transfer rate.
The picture explains it all for this USB ‘thumb’ drive.
This USB drive by Lexar has a meter to let you know how much memory is used up on the drive. They are available in up to 2GB. [ Source 
The IronDrive is the ideal military grade USB drive “tested for high temperature, shock, vibration, caustic agents, submersion, EMI, and nuclear stresses.”
The 007 USB Flash Drive uses a lock similar to a bike lock in which the USB drive can be placed. It also has digital encryption for added security. The lock can be securely attached to a desk or large object.

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